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Monthly Archives: June 2021


What Is ‘Maximum Medical Improvement?’

By Morizio Law Firm |

In workers’ compensation cases, it is common to hear the term ‘maximum medical improvement’ (MMI), which is the point at which a work-related injury is unlikely to ever heal any further. MMI is an important metric for an injured worker, because once a medical professional holds that MMI has been reached, the worker can… Read More »

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Can I Collect Social Security Disability Benefits If My Work Injury Is Permanent?

By Morizio Law Firm |

If someone sustains a severe injury while at work, they can file a claim under their employer’s workers’ compensation coverage so that they can focus on recovering first and foremost. However, if the disability is too serious to allow a return to work, the procedure for seeking and claiming benefits may differ. This is… Read More »

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