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Connecticut State Worker? We Can Protect Your Rights After An Injury.

In Connecticut, state employees have additional rights under the workers' compensation laws. While most workers may file workers' compensation claims and recover seventy-five percent of net wages in workers' compensation benefits, many state employees are entitled to full pay in workers' compensation benefits.

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Workers' Compensation Benefits For State Workers

State workers who are classified as hazardous duty employees have increased risk in their occupation and are also covered under the state employee workers' comp laws. Hazardous duty employees may include:

  • State police officers
  • State corrections officers
  • Department of mental health workers
  • Department of motor vehicle workers
  • Probation officers
  • Other state employees

If you are no longer able to work in your previous capacity, you may be entitled to wage replacement benefits. If your family member died while working for the state, you may be eligible for specific survivors' benefits. Our Board-Certified Workers' Compensation specialists can help you understand the laws and work to obtain workers' compensation disability benefits.

We pursue benefits for state workers' suffering from various injuries or accidents, such as:

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