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Monthly Archives: August 2023


CT Supreme Court Denies Workers’ Comp To Firefighter With Heart Condition

By Morizio Law Firm |

Connecticut’s law regarding workers’ compensation is fairly expansive – all but a very few employers are required by law to provide coverage to their employees. However, coverage does not always cover part-time workers, often to their own surprise. A recent Connecticut Supreme Court case denied coverage to a firefighter who had claimed heart disease… Read More »

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Connecticut Employers Must Help Protect Against Heat Stroke

By Morizio Law Firm |

According to Scientific American and other reputable media, July 2023 has been the hottest recorded month ever, and as of this writing, the weather shows no signs of cooling down until autumn. What this means for the average person is that extra precautions must be taken to safeguard one’s health, particularly when outside. This… Read More »

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