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Client Testimonials

What Our Clients Have to Say

As workers’ compensation and personal injury attorneys, one of the most valued gifts we can receive is a thank you or a referral from a past client. This gives us the satisfaction of knowing that people we have helped in the past have been satisfied with the representation they received. At our firm, this happens quite often.

We have helped literally hundreds of people throughout Connecticut who have been injured at work and in other negligent accidents. We have decades of experience in injury law, and have gained a solid reputation of getting results for clients.

Attorney Lawrence F. Morizio is one of approximately 50 attorneys in Connecticut who are board-certified workers’ compensation specialists. He has met rigorous standards to achieve this classification.

If you, need a “Super Workman’s Compensation Lawyer”, then STOP!! You have just found him! Attorney Lawrence F. Morizio is the man for you! Because I am a Licensed Practical Nurse in the State of Connecticut, and I was assaulted and injured while at work by a patient with Dementia, I knew I was going to need a “high caliber” attorney(s).

I was the charge nurse on the night shift, I was under staffed and due to my constrictive work environment protocols I was subjected to be injured by a patient physically attacking me with a large inanimate object that left me requiring surgery on both my elbows. This rendered me “totally unemployable.”

I found Attorney Morizio by research and referral from one of my local Workman’s Compensation Commissioner. I sent him an email in which he returned an answer the next day. We set up a meeting convenient to me. I found Attorney Morizio, to be professional, extremely personable and easy to speak with; he was very knowledgeable and understanding and most of all compassionate. Being a professional myself, it was very reassuring to know that he “believed my extreme pain” I was experiencing. And not questioning the validity and authenticity of it! He made it clear that “my best interest and welfare was as important to him, as it was to me.

Attorney Morizio was on top of my case at all times. He went to the Doctor’s office in person if he could not get what he needed to assist my case by usual methods. He had Special Hearings with the Commissioner just to get Worker’s Comp to pay me or get then to approve certain treatments by doctor’s wanted to try. If I was in need of getting in touch with him, he was readily available to me. If I waited for a return call, I didn’t wait long! Because my case was multifaceted, Attorney Morizio still assumed his role as “legal compensation specialist” and aided by coming to court with me and actively assisted in the resolution of my case. I strongly believe that if Attorney Morizio did not join with my other representation my case would have had a very undesirable outcome.

It amazes me still, while writing this letter how he was able to help any of his other clients, while representing me. But, he did and I believe he did just as much for each of them. As I am sure he will do for you! Look no further- you have found your “Super Lawyer!”


Licensed Practical Nurse

My experience with Morizio Law Firm, P.C. has been extremely favorable. Attorney Morizio has extensive knowledge and experience in Workers’ Compensation issues. He possesses the passion, intelligence and communication skills to competently and successfully navigate through the legal system. Attorney Morizio has proven to be an ethical advocate for the injured worker and is highly recommended.”

Teacher – City of Bridgeport

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