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Stratford Workers' Compensation Lawyer
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Stratford Workplace Brain Injury Lawyer

You Need Workers’ Compensation For Brain Injuries

Few work-related injuries are as life-changing as a brain injury. Some people are fortunate, leaving the scene of an accident with only a minor concussion. Others face memory loss, multiple surgeries or even death. Regardless of the severity of your brain injury, ensuring that you receive the workers’ compensation benefits you deserve is of utmost importance.

At Morizio Law Firm, P.C., in Bridgeport/Stratford, Connecticut, we are focused on helping those suffering open and closed head injuries obtain the monetary benefits necessary for medical fees and long-term care needs. With the knowledge of two board-certified workers’ compensation specialists, our legal team is prepared to help you take action.

Whether you or a loved one was injured in a fall, struck by a falling object or involved in an auto accident at work, the Stratford workplace brain injury lawyers at our firm may be able to help.

What Is A Brain Injury?

As defined by the Brain Injury Association of America, a brain injury is a “blow or jolt to the head or a penetrating head injury that disrupts the function of the brain.” These injuries ranges from mild − with symptoms lasting only briefly− to severe, resulting in permanent effects.

Workers’ compensation lawyers at our firm have successfully handled cases involving all types of brain injury, including:

  • Concussion: These result in short-term loss of consciousness with little or no lasting impairment.
  • Closed head injury: These occur when a head smashes into an object.
  • Penetrating head injury: An object pierces the skull and ruptures the brain tissue.
  • Anoxic brain injury: Oxygen is cut off from the brain, causing permanent brain damage.
  • Traumatic brain injury (TBI): This is the most catastrophic type of brain injury, including bruised brain tissue, torn nerve tissue, brain stem trauma and edema.

Brain Injuries Can Be Difficult To Diagnose

Many accidents leave obvious signs of head injuries. A victim may be bleeding, in pain and require stitches or other surgical intervention to repair the physical wound. However, a traumatic brain injury can occur and not leave any physical signs that an injury has occurred. Obvious and not-so-obvious head injuries are both dangerous, and the causes of these injuries are often subtle.

If you or a loved one has suffered a brain injury in a workplace accident, you have an ally in your fight for compensation. At Morizio Law Firm, P.C.., in Bridgeport/Stratford, Connecticut, our attorneys are focused on handling only workers’ compensation and work injury cases. This focus allows us to stay current on any changes in the law and fluent in the language of the laws to explain the nuances to our clients. We work hard to maintain our favorable reputation and are among the fewer than 50 board-certified workers’ compensation specialists in Connecticut.

Do not hesitate to contact our firm if you or a loved one has suffered a brain injury. We can help you move forward with pursuing the workers’ compensation benefits you deserve so you can focus on healing and recovery.

Many accidents and incidents can cause traumatic brain injury:

Direct blow to the head: A car accident or falling object can result in a direct impact hit. This can result in open wounds, concussions and other brain injury symptoms that may not be immediately apparent.

Sudden acceleration/deceleration: This occurs in many accidents. Often, the head stops moving while the brain continues to move. This can result in brain bruising and contrecoup injuries (where the brain is injured on the opposite side from where the force was applied).

Hypoxia: Hypoxia is the medical term for lack of oxygen in the blood. When there is inadequate oxygen in the blood, the brain is deprived and begins to shut down.

Regardless of the causes of the brain injury, if it happened on the job, workers’ compensation benefits may be warranted.

Victims’ Lives Are Seriously Impacted

Brain function is vital to quality of life. After a serious brain injury, particularly those causing permanent brain damage, victims may experience symptoms such as:

  • Sleep problems
  • Vertigo
  • Loss of motor skills
  • Memory loss
  • Loss of hearing or speaking ability
  • Coma

These symptoms not only change the life of the person suffering a brain injury, but greatly impact the lives of their loved ones as well. Each family member is forced to adapt to the loss of a mother, father, son or daughter as he or she once was.

We also provide clients information on the many causes of brain injuries that occur in workplace settings.

Advocating For The Injured And Their Loved Ones

At Morizio Law Firm, P.C., it is our goal to help you secure the financial resources needed for you or a loved one to live a life of dignity. Our firm employs a roster of experts, including medical economists and life care planners, to determine the true cost of a brain injury on a person’s life. They evaluate not only current medical expenses, but look toward future needs and lost earnings potential.

Contact A Skilled Stratford Workplace Brain Injury Lawyer Today

Brain injuries are not always apparent. Even if you suffered an injury long ago, you may still be entitled to compensation. Contact a brain injury attorney at 475-338-3505 to discuss getting the benefits you deserve under the Workers’ Compensation Act. You can also schedule your free consultation online.

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