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Chair Column: Happy New Year - Connecticut Bar Association style

Written by Lawrence Morizio, Esq.

Hello again. In July, my predecessor handed over the reins of our Section and my name was next on the ledger card. I suppose it's now my turn to enlighten, inspire and excite you regarding the world of workers' compensation practice. I used to enjoy writing these columns as Chair of the Young Lawyers Section. I must have made it to the big time sooner than expected. But similar to a rookie getting called to the Major Leagues - I'm ready. I notice that you are also ready. By the time you read this, the Section has already had its' first meeting by honoring the career of Commissioner Amado Vargas, played golf at the annual Verrilli-Belkin Open for charity and held our initial Executive Committee meeting to chart our course for the year. Let's also add that we celebrated the 100-year anniversary of the Workers' Compensation Act by attending the Workers' Compensation Commission's Symposium held by the Chairman and benefitting the Disabled Workers' Scholarship Fund.

I'm exhausted just typing out that list of events. But that schedule of events exemplifies the commitment we have as practitioners, not only to our clients, but to the advancement of our profession. I, along with the incoming Officers and Executive Committee, intend to infuse that type of equilibrium into your professional lives throughout the next two bar years.

I also know you are ready to be further educated in an effort to raise our level of practice as advocates. For the past two years as Vice Chair, I witnessed not only the efforts of those on the CLE Committee striving to put forth supreme quality medical-legal educational programs, but also the desire of the masses that attended the programs. Our Section has already created a specialization program, which now spans the course of nearly a decade. We should continue to foster this type of educational growth for all attorneys in practice, and not limit it to those who choose to specialize.

I am a staunch believer that the more you contribute to the progress of your profession, the better a lawyer you will ultimately become. Maybe it sounds like Yoda, but this belief is based on years of experience and hearing the many stories of lawyers that are regularly involved in Bar Association activities.

With that, I will put out an invitation for you to accept. What we've accomplished thus far this bar year and for the past 100 years of the Workers' Compensation Act is simply the start. Let's make the next two years an example of what it means to be a great advocate, an educated attorney, and a versatile professional. We will be better people as a result. And in the end, isn't that what it's all about?

Editor's note: Attorney Lawrence Morizio is a partner in the firm Morizio Law and is the Chair of the Workers' Compensation Section of the Connecticut Bar Association.