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Brain Injuries Can Be Difficult To Diagnose

Many accidents leave obvious signs of head injuries. A victim may be bleeding, in pain, and requiring stitches or other surgical intervention to repair the physical wound. However, a traumatic brain injury can occur and not leave any physical signs that an injury has occurred. Obvious and not-so-obvious head injuries are both dangerous, and the causes of these injuries are often very subtle.

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Many accidents or incidents can be the cause of a traumatic brain injury such as:

Direct blow to the head: A car accident or falling object can result in a direct impact hit. This can result in open wounds, concussions, and other brain injury symptoms that may not be immediately apparent.

Sudden acceleration/deceleration: This occurs in many accident situations. Often, the head stops moving while the brain continues to move. This can result in brain bruising and contrecoup injuries (where the brain is injured on the opposite side from where the force was applied).

Hypoxia: Hypoxia is the medical term for the lack of oxygen in the blood. By failing to have the adequate amount of oxygen in the blood, the brain is deprived and begins to shut down.

Regardless of the causes of the brain injury of the victim, if it happened on-the-job, workers' compensation benefits may be warranted.

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