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Nerve Pain From A Disc Protrusion Work Injury?

Disc protrusions, or bulging discs, occur because of a breakdown of cartilage between the vertebrae. Not only can this condition impinge upon the spinal cord or a nerve root, causing pain at the site of impingement, but there are usually weakness, numbness, muscle spasms, and tingling in the extremities that are felt as well. Diagnosis and treatment are critical, but obtaining the needed amount of compensation can be difficult.

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Disc protrusions often require extensive treatment that is costly and painful. Some of the prescribed methods of treatment include:

  • Rest: By continuing to put strain on your back or neck by sitting, standing, twisting, bending, and lifting for prolonged periods, this only exacerbates the condition and can cause further injury. Medical professionals often prescribe bed rest or very limited activity to give the back a chance to heal.
  • Medication: Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory and other types of over-the-counter or prescription medications will combat pain and inflammation at the site of the disc protrusion. Sometimes, prescription-level medication is needed as well.
  • Epidural steroid injections: Injections distribute medication directly to or near the site of nerve impingement, helping to reduce inflammation and pain around the area.
  • Physical therapy: In many cases, physical therapy will help people learn proper techniques for stretching and strengthening back muscles.
  • Chiropractic therapy: Seeing a chiropractor, a specialist in spinal manipulation, may be an effective treatment for back and neck pain in addition to seeing other medical professionals.

Following a doctor's plan of action is critical to recovery. We can help you find appropriate medical professionals to work with and how to properly notify your employer of the limitations you now face.

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