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Bridgeport Workers’ Compensation Claims Lawyer

If you have been injured at work, then you can receive compensation for your damages by filing a workers’ compensation claim. It’s important to know the process for filing a claim so you get approved and don’t lose out on your rights to compensation. 

Injured at work? What happens next? A Bridgeport workers’ compensation claims lawyer from Morizio Law Firm, P.C. can assist you with your claim and help you with the approval process. If you have been denied, contact us today. Our board-certified lawyer can help.

What You Should Know

In Connecticut, you have one year to file a workers’ compensation claim. However, keep in mind that the sooner, the better. You’ll be able to get compensation much quicker, so if you are injured at work, report it to your supervisor or manager immediately. If you don’t file a claim within one year, you will be barred from receiving any compensation, regardless of whether or not your claim is valid.

Do not worry about filing a claim. Your employer cannot legally fire you for doing so. If they do, this is called retaliation, which is illegal. If your employer retaliates against you or fails to file your claim in a timely manner, seek legal help right away.

Reporting Process

After a workplace accident, you’ll need to report your injury so you can obtain benefits. The reporting process is as follows:

  1. If an employee is injured on the job or is diagnosed with a work-related disease, they  should report the incident to their supervisor immediately.
  2. A report of injury is generated and sent to the State’s third party claims administrator. The claims administrator processes reported claims, manages the medical treatment of the injury, and assists in the return-to-work process.
  3. The claims administrator will either approve or contest the claim.
  4. If medical treatment is necessary, the injured worker can get the treatment they need. However, they need to use network providers or else their entitlement to workers’ compensation benefits could be jeopardized.

What Happens if My Claim is Denied?

Unfortunately, getting your workers’ compensation claim approved is not always easy. Employers and insurance companies find numerous excuses to delay, deny, or terminate a claim, keeping you from getting the medical care you need and wage replacement so you can manage your household while you are out of work.

If your claim has been denied, you can request a hearing. The process can be complicated, so make sure to hire a Bridgeport workers’ compensation claims lawyer. An experienced attorney can fight for your rights and ensure you obtain the benefits you deserve. 

Contact Morizio Law Firm, P.C. Today

The workers’ compensation claims process is not always easy. It’s possible to get your claim denied even if it is perfectly valid.

Don’t miss out on opportunity and compensation. A board-certified lawyer from Morizio Law Firm, P.C. will work hard to represent you. Get solid advice throughout the entire process. To schedule a free consultation with a Bridgeport workers’ compensation claims lawyer, call our office today at 475-338-3505.

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