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I. CBA Covid-19 Task Force

www.ctbar.org CBA Covid-19 Task Force
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Attorney Lawrence Morizio has been appointed to the Connecticut Bar Association’s Covid-19 Task Force. The group consists of approximately 20 attorneys that are committed to respond to the needs of lawyers, law firms and the community at large in need of legal services arising from the Covid-19 pandemic. Attorney Morizio is a member of the Legal Profession sub-committee. There are seven sub-committees in total to help meet the needs of the state of Connecticut including liaison to the executive and legislative branch, legal aid, the public at large, the legal profession, the financial impact on the legal profession, liaison to the judicial branch and federal courts, and technology.



The Workers’ Compensation Commission, under the leadership of Chairman Stephen Morelli, has taken extraordinary measures to preserve the continuity of claims during the Covid-19 pandemic. Various measures to include telephonic hearings to address pending issues, medical treatment continued via telemedicine and settlement approval by way of virtual conferences/remote notarization have been crucial to continue the work of the Commission at this time. Attorney Morizio is a member of the Chairman’s Legal Advisory panel and has worked with Chairman Morelli to address the ongoing needs of law firms and the public to the Commission within his roles on the CBA Task Force and as a member of the Legal Advisory Panel.

III. Morizio Law Firm

The firm continues to operate at full capacity. The Morizio Law Firm staff is working remotely. Any issues arising out of a client’s workers’ compensation claim, including the payment of weekly benefits, benefits subject to an award or settlement, are being resolved. The need for medical treatment continues. Each medical provider has protocols for in person and telephonic treatment depending on the need of the individual/injured worker seeking the treatment. Certain elective procedures (e.g. surgery) and diagnostic measures have been postponed until safe practices can be pursued. Morizio Law Firm is coordinating with each provider to ensure the delivery of treatment is safe and efficient in light of the social distancing measures in place. Attorney Morizio is participating in hearings daily with the respective Commission District offices. Issues are being resolved as it relates to benefits and the need for treatment. New clients are making appointments with the new intake procedure that the firm had in place before the current health crisis emerged in early 2020. It allows for prospective and new clients to complete and sign any documentation related to representation via electronic means. Attorney Morizio is also scheduling phone and video conferences daily. Call/text him directly at (203) 378-2042 to schedule a consult to address current or pending needs related to your workers’ compensation claim. He can also be reached via email at lmorizio@moriziolawfirm.com

IV. Covid-19 Exposure related claims

There are certain professions that are currently high risk workplace exposure to the Covid-19 virus. Attorney Morizio is free to answer your questions on whether you qualify for lost time benefits while recovering from a diagnosis or in isolation as a result of workplace exposure. Feel free to call him directly with no cost to address any questions or concerns you might have regarding workplace exposure. Some states have enacted measures to ensure workers’ compensation benefits are paid to medical professionals, first responders and other high risk of Coronavirus exposure in the workplace occupations. Connecticut is not one of these states as of this time. However, claims are currently being filed to address the compensability, lost time and need for medical treatment related to Covid-19 exposure throughout the state.

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