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Dangerous occupations: Hazards structural steelworkers face

Just about every state offers lucrative employment in the structural steelworker industry, especially in large and growing cities. The Bridgeport area is a beautiful place filled with historical buildings. At the same time, it is a large city and continues to grow and thrive.

Our city offers many job opportunities for experienced structural steelworkers. However, these careers are accompanied by serious hazards. This makes being a steelworker one of the nation’s most dangerous occupations.

Those looking to enter this field should know and understand the risks associated with this type of work. A few of the most common hazards include:

  • Falling from heights or being struck by falling objects
  • Eye injuries caused by welding
  • Exposure to extremely loud noises, which can cause hearing loss
  • Respiratory problems due to chemical exposure and working in cold, windy conditions
  • Musculoskeletal injuries from overexertion and working with heavy objects
  • Exposure to biological hazards such as bird droppings
  • Exposure to electrical currents

As with other dangerous occupations, working in the structural steel industry may mean joining a union. Injured union members often find it challenging to file a successful workers’ compensation claim. When injuries do occur, we urge these workers to seek the help of an experienced law firm.

Legal representation provides a safety net for injured steel workers by increasing the odds of workers’ compensation claim approval. This enables employees to acquire the medical care and income replacement needed to recover as quickly as possible. In turn, you can get back to your job in a timely manner and continue providing for your family. We invite you to learn more about the workers’ compensation challenges inherent to unionized industries. You can find further information about these and other dangerous occupation topics on our website.

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