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Fairfield Workers’ Compensation Lawyer

Nobody expects a job injury, but when it happens, it can be debilitating. While some injuries are minor, some are more severe and even disabling.

When workplace accidents happen, you need an advocate on your side, as getting the benefits you deserve may not be an easy process. You need someone to take your workers’ compensation case seriously, as insurance companies and employers do not want to pay workers’ compensation benefits unless they absolutely have to. Get the help you need from a Fairfield workers’ compensation lawyer from Morizio Law Firm, P.C. Contact our board-certified lawyer today to see how we can help you.

Why You Need a Workers’ Compensation Lawyer

Why should you contact a Fairfield workers’ compensation lawyer for help with your claim? Here are some situations in which you should seek legal help:

  • Your employer is refusing to pay. It’s pretty straightforward: you get injured on the job, your employer pays up. However, some employers will argue and refuse to pay you the benefits you deserve. Under Connecticut law, you are entitled to medical care, wage replacement, and transportation to medical appointments.
  • Your employer is refusing to report the injury. After a workplace accident, your employer needs to report it to its workers’ compensation insurance company. They can typically do so via phone or email. They will also need to fill out some paperwork. But if they’re refusing to report your injury, it could mean they are concerned about safety issues or they don’t have the right insurance. These are red flags you should discuss with a lawyer.
  • You were fired after filing a claim. This should never happen. This is called retaliation and it is illegal. Your employer cannot treat you unfairly after filing a workers’ compensation claim or else they can face fines and other penalties. Contact a lawyer right away if you are facing retaliation.
  • Your employer will not give you restricted work. If you are disabled, you may only be able to do restricted or modified work. For example, you may be limited in what you can lift, how much you can push or pull, or how long you can stand or sit. Your employer should try to meet these limitations if possible. If not, you might have to find a different job. A lawyer can help you get the retraining you need.
  • You are unsure about your benefits. The average worker is not well-versed in workers’ compensation law, so if you are injured in the workplace, you may not know for sure if you’re getting all the benefits you are entitled to receive. You should be receiving two-thirds of your weekly pay, as well as compensation for all your medical care. If you think you’re getting short-changed, talk to a lawyer.

Contact Morizio Law Firm, P.C. Today

When you have been hurt on the job, you need to ensure you are getting the compensation you deserve. There are many situations that can cause you to lose out on benefits.

If you have been involved in a workplace accident, seek legal help from Morizio Law Firm, P.C. Count on us to guide you through the process and get you the most compensation possible. To schedule a free consultation with a Fairfield workers’ compensation lawyer, call 475-338-3505.

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