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Greenwich Workplace Accident Lawyer

All companies can face hazards in the workplace. Even small businesses are at risk. An employee can face a variety of injuries, including lacerations, sprains, strains, and broken bones. Even when good employers take steps to prevent accidents on the job, they can still happen.

As an employee, you need to know how to protect yourself. The first 24 hours after an injury are the most critical. Be sure to let your employer know about your workplace accident and injuries as soon as possible. This will allow them to respond more effectively. They can better   investigate the incident and collect evidence. Your employer will also be better able to help you with the claims process so you can receive payments in a timely manner.

Even if you suffer a seemingly minor injury, you should still report it to your employer so that a minor mishap does not become a high-cost claim.

What else should you do after a workplace accident? It may be wise to seek legal help. A Greenwich workplace accident lawyer from Morizio Law Firm, P.C. can guide you through the claims process.

What to Do When a Workplace Accident Occurs

When you witness a workplace accident occurs, follow these steps:

  • Take control at the accident scene. Try to keep order.
  • Check for injuries. Provide first aid if you’re qualified to do so. If not, call for emergency services.
  • Prevent secondary accidents. You can do this by keeping people out of the accident area. For example, if there has been a spill, you want to deny people access until you can clean it up. Otherwise, they could slip and get injured as well.
  • Identify people and conditions. Identify people who can serve as potential witnesses and take down their name and contact information. Make note of the conditions of the accident scene. What does it look like and why did the accident happen?
  • Preserve physical evidence. Keep evidence from being altered or removed. 

What to Keep in Mind

Workers’ compensation is a no-fault system. What this means is that if you are injured in the workplace, you cannot sue your employer. On the flip side, you can receive workers’ compensation benefits even if you caused the accident. But there are some exceptions to this rule. For example, accidents caused by alcohol and drug use are not covered. Neither are accidents caused by horseplay or fighting. Some employers may require that you submit to a drug test after being involved in a workplace accident. 

Contact Morizio Law Firm, P.C. Today

If you have been injured in a workplace accident, you need to ensure you understand the process. Getting benefits is not exactly easy. It takes some degree of effort.

Need help? Count on the experience of Morizio Law Firm, P.C. Our board-certified lawyer specializes in workers’ compensation law and will help you make the right decisions. Call a Greenwich workplace accident lawyer at 475-338-3505 for a free consultation.

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