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Scaffolding safety tips to help prevent an accident

When it comes to working on scaffolding, you understand the benefits of having this equipment at your disposal. You also realize that one mistake could cause an accident, such as a fall from height to the ground below.

Here are five scaffolding safety tips to help prevent an accident:

  • Follow manufacturer instructions: When constructing scaffolding, it’s imperative to follow the directions provided by the manufacturer, as they know what you must do to remain safe.

  • Know the load capacity: If you’re not careful, it’s possible you could add too much weight to the scaffolding, thus resulting in a collapse.

  • Secure the platform: When possible, the scaffolding should be attached to the building. If this isn’t possible, think twice about using the scaffolding as your safety could be at risk.

  • Inspect it often: Don’t assume that the scaffolding is in good condition. Instead, inspect it for defects and damage before use.

  • Place it on firm and level ground: Just the same as a ladder, scaffolding should be placed on firm and level ground to ensure that you have a solid base for working. Also, don’t place anything under the legs as a means of leveling the scaffolding.

These are the types of scaffolding safety tips that can give you peace of mind and help you prevent an accident.

If you’re part of a scaffolding accident, regardless of the cause, call for help and immediately report the incident to your employer.

If you suffer an injury that will keep you out of work, it’s time to learn more about filing a claim for workers’ compensation benefits.

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