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Connecticut State-To-State Representation Lawyer

Injured On The Job While Out Of State? We Can Help.

The employee-employer relationship sometimes crosses state borders. This can complicate matters when a worker is injured on the job. For example: What happens if a nonresident of Connecticut gets injured driving a truck for a company based in Connecticut? Which state workers’ compensation law should apply to cover the work injury? Where should the injured worker get a lawyer? These are all complex issues that can arise in state-to-state workers’ comp cases.

Seasoned Workers’ Compensation Counsel For State-To-State Matters

Fortunately, at Morizio Law Firm, P.C., we help resolve many of these issues for our clients by providing experienced state-to-state representation for injured workers. With over four decades of combined experience, our seasoned workers’ compensation attorneys focus entirely on helping injured workers get the benefits they deserve. Both of our lead attorneys are board-certified workers’ compensation specialists, recognized by the Connecticut Bar Association. There are strict requirements to meet this status.

What Kinds Of State-To-State Situations Do We Handle?

There are numerous state-to-state and out-of-state workers’ comp scenarios. However, here are the main types of situations our law firm represents:

1. A non-Connecticut resident is injured while working in Connecticut for a company based out of state.

Example: A contractor from a New York-based company takes a development job in Connecticut. While working in Connecticut, he suffers a serious injury due to a scaffolding accident.

2. A non-Connecticut resident is injured while working out of state for a company based in Connecticut.

Example: A delivery driver (Delaware resident) makes a delivery to a Connecticut-based factory. While driving through Connecticut, she gets in a fatal motor vehicle accident.

3. A Connecticut resident is injured while working out of state for a company based in Connecticut.

Example: A Connecticut-based manufacturing plant sends a manager to check out a sister plant in Massachusetts. The manager is a resident of Connecticut. While at the Massachusetts plant, the manager falls off a ladder and is seriously injured.

Quality Representation Does Not End At The Connecticut Border

We are board-certified workers’ compensation specialists. We earned these certifications due to our ability to handle any case and produce results — even for workers who are not injured in this state. If you suffered a work-related injury beyond state borders, we are still here for you. You can request a free consultation online or by telephone at 475-338-3505.

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