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The pitfalls of social media use during a workers’ compensation case

Were you injured at work? Do you have an open workers’ compensation claim? Are you active on social media? If you’ve answered yes to these questions, keep reading.

Workers’ compensation benefits are eligible to employees who’ve been injured on the job. These benefits can cover lost wages, medical care and compensation for permanent injuries as well as providing benefits to surviving family members who lost someone in a workplace accident.

Getting through the claims process can be a huge struggle. Most of you have likely never been in this situation before and don’t know the first thing about workers’ compensation. After an accident is reported and a claim is filed, the insurance agent will begin to investigate your case.

What happens during the investigation?

Since you’re the one seeking benefits for the accident, you will be the main focus of the investigation. The insurance agent will look into the occurrence of the accident and alleged injury; they will also put you under a microscope. Insurance companies have one common goal, to settle on the lowest payout possible.

Why does your social presence matter?

Social media has become a catalyst for communication, most people don’t think twice about what they post. If you’ve filed a work comp claim, it is likely the investigation into your case will include searching through your social media accounts. They will look for anything they can use to discredit your claim or make your case look weak.

What kind of posts should you stay away from?

Refrain from posting about:

  • Being on vacation when you’re supposed to be recovering
  • Working out/exercising or playing sports
  • Partying with your friends
  • Helping someone move or lift heavy objects
  • Working at a second job

Do you need a lawyer for a workers’ comp case?

Being injured on the job can cause serious ramifications and might alter your life forever. Having an attorney who focuses on workers’ compensation in your corner will give you the best chance for a fair outcome. They will be able to guide you through the process while offering helpful advice along the way.

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