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Amazon, Lowe’s, Tesla listed among 12 least safe workplaces

In observance of Workers’ Memorial Week every year, the National Council for Occupational Safety and Health releases a report of the “Dirty Dozen,” aka the 12 companies with the most hazardous work environments. Employers and employees in Connecticut will want to know what some of those companies are and what kind of dangers are most prevalent.

Amazon, Lowe’s and Tesla are among the more famous names on the list, ranking in at No. 1, 5, and 10, respectively. Since 2013, seven workers have been killed in Amazon warehouses. However, the company’s workplace safety program has begun to include better training, audits, new hire orientation and more. At Tesla, the rate of serious injuries is 83 percent higher compared to other auto companies. As for Lowe’s, at least 17 workers nationwide have died from exposure to paint strippers containing methylene chloride.

Two farms were put on the list for their unsafe work conditions. The Dirty Dozen also includes a recycling facility, a cosmetics plant and an excavating company. Common issues include a lack of lock-out/tag-out procedures for machinery and poor handling of chemicals. One restaurant chain, Dine Brands Global, was listed because more than 60 complaints were filed about sexual harassment, abuse and threats of violence. National COSH states that workplace injuries will only rise if OSHA and NIOSH continue to lose funding.

In the meantime, employees who are injured can check to see if they’re eligible for workers’ compensation benefits. These benefits can generally cover things like medical expenses and income lost during the physical recovery. Before filing, however, a worker may want to hire a lawyer who in can help facilitate the process.

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