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How to stay safe at a construction site

According to OSHA, about 20 percent of workplace deaths in Connecticut and throughout the country happen on a construction site. The vast majority of construction-related injuries and deaths occur because of falls and falling objects. Electrocution and being stuck between objects are two other common ways in which construction workers can be injured or killed. However, there are steps that employers can take to ensure that their workers are as safe as possible.

For example, employers can inspect ladders or scaffolding that a worker will be using during a given shift. Using railings, toe boards and personal protective equipment can either lower the risk of a fall or reduce the odds of injury if one does occur. Canopies to catch falling objects can help keep workers safe on a job site as well, and workers should always wear hard hats to further prevent against damage from falling debris.

Hard hats also offer protection against electrocution. As a best practice, workers should remain at least 10 feet from power lines at all times to reduce the odds of getting shocked. The use of safety monitors and proper training methods may prevent stuck-between accidents. If used, safety monitors must remain close enough to employees to both hear and see them at all times.

When a worker is hurt in an workplace accident, they may need to spend time in recovery. While this could result in missed work days, injured workers could be entitled to workers’ compensation benefits that cover lost wages and medical costs. Benefits may be offered permanently if an individual is unable to return to work.

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