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Can I choose my own doctor after a work injury?

In general, if you were injured in an accident at work, your medical costs will be covered by your employer. However, you do need to be evaluated by your employer’s designated medical provider.

Your employer may have a chosen medical facility, clinic or list of doctors. If your employer has a designated medical provider, then you must see that provider for your initial evaluation and treatment. If your employer does not have a chosen provider, then you can choose your own doctor.

Getting a second opinion

While you do need to see a doctor of your employer’s choosing for your initial treatment, you may be able to choose your own doctor after your initial treatment. This can help you get a second opinion and work with your own doctor to get the treatment you need.

What medical costs are covered by workers’ compensation?

Even if you switch doctors after your initial treatment, workers’ compensation will cover all medical costs associated with your work injury. This includes visits to your doctor, prescription medication, hospital stays and the treatment necessary to treat your injury.

These benefits are paid by your employer’s workers’ compensation insurer. It can be difficult to negotiate a denied claim or change in doctor with an insurer.

In these situations, it can be beneficial to work with an attorney on your workers’ compensation claim. An attorney who handles cases in this area can help you choose another doctor and negotiate for the benefits you need to cover your medical costs as well as a portion of your lost wages.

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