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Top 2 benefits of hiring a board-certified workers’ comp lawyer

Many attorneys list on their websites that they handle workers’ compensation claims. However, attorneys who are generalists may not have the focused experience necessary to handle every aspect of a claim and anticipate issues that can come up down the road.

In Connecticut, the CBA Workers’ Compensation Standing Committee certifies attorneys in this area of practice. Board-Certified Workers’ Compensation Specialists need to pass rigorous qualifications in order to attain this status, and there are only approximately 50 attorneys with this qualification throughout the state.

While there are a number of benefits to working with a Board-Certified Workers’ Compensation Specialist, there are two major benefits you can expect.

1. You will have an experienced advocate on your side.

In order to qualify as a specialist in workers’ compensation, an attorney must:

  • Pass a rigorous, day-long examination
  • Have practiced in Connecticut for at least five years
  • Provide recommendations from their peers
  • Be in good standing with the Connecticut bar
  • Stay-up-to-date in this area of law by regularly taking continuing legal education (CLE) courses
  • Have the required percentage of their practice dedicated to workers’ comp

This level of experience and knowledge can help to ensure that you avoid the pitfalls many face when seeking benefits after a work injury. It is likely that a board-certified lawyer has seen your legal issue before and knows how to handle it.

2. Your attorney will be focused on the issues you face.

If you hire a jack of all trades, you will get a master of none. For this reason, the Connecticut Bar Association only certifies attorneys in workers’ compensation if they demonstrate that their practice is dedicated to this area of the law.

When your attorney is focused on workers’ compensation issues, he or she will be able to:

  • Accurately tell you what you can expect in your specific case
  • Give you knowledgeable answers to your questions about workers’ comp
  • Leverage their knowledge of the workers’ compensation process to help you get the compensation you need

Only lawyers who have been certified by the Connecticut Bar Association can call themselves Board-Certified Workers’ Compensation Specialists. If you are looking for an attorney with experience and who will be focused on the issues you face, look for the certification in Connecticut.

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