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Connecticut is home to many dangerous occupations

The desire to address workplace safety in Connecticut led our attorneys to the state’s Department of Labor website. There, we found a list of dangerous occupations that was so long we stopped counting when we reached 100. We were only about a quarter of the way through the list when we stopped the count. Instead of talking about each dangerous occupation as we had planned to do, we decided to discuss a few dangerous industries instead.

  • The tree care and power industries had many entries in the list including climbers, trimmers and trainees.

  • As you might expect, we also found several construction industry entries such as carpenters who work at heights and crane operators as well as tunnel, bridge and elevated highway workers.

  • Transportation-related jobs also made multiple appearances, including truck drivers carrying hazardous materials and truck drivers involved in tunnel, bridge and highway construction.

  • Other listed industries include welding, yard work, warehousing, security, maintenance, nursing and machine operators.

In the end, we came to one very important conclusion. Just about any job can lead to workplace injuries under the right (or wrong) circumstances. It is frightening to think about the many consequences of dangerous working conditions. Loss of life, dismemberment and permanent disability are just a few of these consequences.

We urge all Bridgeport, Connecticut, citizens to be cautious when working under dangerous conditions. Always use the safety equipment provided and make sure your worksite is free of hazards before you begin your duties. While your employer owns a share of your personal safety, it is really up to you to decide whether he or she has provided you with a hazard-free working environment.

Please visit our website if you require additional information about workplace safety. We also offer many resources centered on pursing benefits through the worker’s compensation program.

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