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How to stay safe when working around lead

Workers in the mining, construction and manufacturing sectors face the highest risk of potential lead exposure at work. However, Connecticut workers in any sector could possibly be exposed to the toxic substance. If an individual has been around lead at work, they should shower and change their clothes prior to coming home. It’s also important to never consume or prepare food in areas where lead might be present.

Proper ventilation is vital for workplaces that may contain lead. Furthermore, workers should be given goggles, gloves and other safety equipment when working with or around the toxic substance. For women who are pregnant or planning to have a child, it’s important to talk with a physician about ways to stay safe. It is possible to experience a variety of symptoms after being exposed to lead on either a short- or long-term basis.

Those who have been exposed for a shorter period of time may get headaches, experience memory loss or deal with fatigue. Pain or a tingling sensation could also be felt after short-term exposure to lead. Longer-term exposure to lead could result in depression, abdominal pain and a general feeling of being sick. High blood pressure as well as an elevated risk of liver and kidney disease could also be consequences of long-term exposure to this substance.

If a person falls ill because of exposure to a toxic substance while on the job, they could be entitled to workers’ compensation benefits. The payments could compensate an injured worker for medical bills and lost wages. Benefits could be offered on a permanent basis if an individual is unable to work in the future.

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