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Patterns In Workers’ Compensation Filings


Every industry in the United States sees a certain baseline amount of workers’ compensation claims, regardless of how safe the industry may be. That said, the demographics of who is making these claims will change periodically, for a variety of different reasons. New data has shown a notable shift in the pattern of just who is getting injured on the job.

A survey of claims made between 2016-2020 by The Travelers Companies, Inc. shows that those in their first year on the job made up approximately 34 percent of all workers’ compensation claims across the country. In some industries, the number is even higher: approximately half of all workers’ compensation claims in the restaurant and the construction industry are made by first-year workers. The rate for all small businesses was 43 percent.

While the survey found no correlation at all between age, industry experience, and rate of injury in first-year employees, it is reasonable to assume that lack of experience with a job or with the tools used to perform it can cause injury. Unlike in more standard personal injury lawsuits, workers’ compensation claims are made without regard to fault (with rare exceptions); even if an employee’s injuries occurred due to their own lack of experience, their medical bills will almost certainly be paid.

Another pattern that is noticeable among the data is that older employees are injured less often, as one might imagine – but when they are injured, the claim tends to be more expensive. Older workers tend to have other conditions or comorbidities that can be adversely affected by a workplace injury, and while in theory, only the work injury is compensable, it can sometimes be difficult to determine how much of a person’s disability is caused by one certain factor.

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