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Pursuing comprehensive benefits following a workplace injury

Many – candidly, most – on-the-job protections that exist to safeguard the health and safety of workers in Connecticut and nationally were hard-earned achievements earned over time by America’s vast and diverse labor force.

That is, the work environments of past eras did not remotely resemble today’s employment venues. A vast array of federal, state and local laws now exist requiring company owners and managers to ensure that their worksites are reasonably safe.

Coupled with that requirement is the entitlement of employees injured in work-related activities to receive key support following an adverse on-the-job incident.

Critically important for ensuring that are workers’ compensation laws. We note on our website at the proven and long-tenured Morizio Law Firm in Stratford that workers’ comp protections “are intended to provide essential benefits to workers who are injured in the course of their employment.”

Those benefits respond to the immediate and most pressing needs of injured workers and their families. They range importantly from continuing payments linked with wage loss due to injury to future compensation applicable to enduring disability.

We note an important point on our website for Connecticut workers, namely this: It is sometimes the case that third-party negligence centrally contributes to a workplace accident. When that is the case, an injured worker might be able to file a separate personal injury claim that is outside the scope of workers’ compensation. In short, it might be possible for that worker to pursue two distinct lines of recovery.

That can obviously be of major importance to an injured worker and his or her loved ones. We welcome contacts to the firm and the opportunity to provide further information.

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