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Repetitive Stress Injuries In Connecticut Workplaces


There are many different types of injuries that may be compensable under Connecticut workers’ compensation law, with some being more easily diagnosable than others. Repetitive stress injuries (RSIs) are a type of injury that is very common in the workplace, but is very difficult to actually diagnose and compensate simply because it is difficult to pinpoint that an RSI developed on the job. If you have an RSI and you believe that it came about due to your job, you can try to receive compensation for it, and if you are denied, you have options for appeal.

Most people claim workers’ compensation benefits for sudden physical injuries on the job, but it is important to keep in mind that benefits are available to people who develop what is known as an occupational disease – that is, a condition that is developed and exacerbated by one’s job duties and the methods one uses to perform them. Connecticut workers’ compensation law covers occupational diseases, and in general, RSIs usually fall under this classification.

That said, the main problem in seeking workers’ compensation benefits for an RSI is that one may not be able to tell how much of the RSI was developed at work, and how much might have been developed at home. In order to be compensable, an injury (or at least part of it) must have been suffered while in the course of one’s employment. With a one-time, traumatic physical injury, determining this is relatively easy – but an RSI develops over time, making it hard to pinpoint exactly when the injury began to develop.

In addition, it can be equally difficult to determine when an RSI has reached maximum medical improvement (MMI). MMI happens when the treatment of an injury has plateaued, whether the injury is completely healed or not. Every presentation of an RSI is different, so the point where a person may feel they are back to normal working strength will differ – but benefits still may run out.

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Obtaining benefits for a repetitive stress injury can be difficult, particularly if your employer is inclined to be obstructive – but it is not impossible. A Stratford workers’ compensation attorney from the Morizio Law Firm can help to answer any questions or manage any concerns you may have about the workers’ compensation process. Contact our office today at 475-338-3505 for a free consultation.





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