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Stratford Board-Certified Workers’ Compensation Specialists

Very few attorneys qualify for board certification in the area of workers’ compensation law. The Connecticut Bar Association’s (CBA’s) Standing Committee on Workers’ Compensation must approve certification based on rigorous standards.

What Does It Mean To Be A Board-Certified Workers’ Compensation Specialist?

It means that the certified attorney has shown an ongoing commitment to workers’ compensation law through their years of experience, the percentage of their practice devoted to workers’ compensation and their standing in the community of their peers.

A board-certified workers’ compensation specialist must first submit a written application to the CBA Workers’ Compensation Standing Committee to confirm whether he or she qualifies as a potential specialist in the area of workers’ compensation. The applicant must confirm that the required percentage of his or her practice is devoted to workers’ compensation law, submit peer references to confirm his or her good standing in the legal community and document that he or she has attended the requisite number of seminars (continuing legal education) focused on workers’ compensation practice.

Once these preliminary requirements are satisfied, the applicant is eligible to take and pass a rigorous written examination administered by the CBA Workers’ Compensation Examining Committee to become a board-certified workers’ compensation specialist. To maintain his or her qualification as a specialist, the attorney must continue his or her legal education on a yearly basis and become recertified after five years.

What Does It Take To Be A Workers’ Compensation Specialist?

Attorney Lawrence Morizio is a board-certified specialist in workers’ compensation law, certified by the Connecticut Bar Association.

To become board-certified workers’ compensation specialists, attorneys must:

  • Demonstrate that no less than 25 percent of their total practice has been in the area of workers’ compensation law
  • Have engaged in the practice of law in Connecticut for at least five years and been a member in good standing of each bar in which the attorney is admitted
  • Maintain a malpractice policy with minimum limits of $300,000 per occurrence
  • Have a satisfactory disciplinary and malpractice history
  • Have participated in a minimum of 36 hours of continuing legal education activities in the area of workers’ compensation law in the three years prior to filing the application
  • Have a minimum of five references from other attorneys knowledgeable of the applicant’s practice and competence
  • Pass a comprehensive one-day written examination

Only attorneys who have been formally certified may use the designation “board-certified workers’ compensation specialist.” Mr. Morizio is proud to have earned this distinction and approaches every case and every client with the commitment to the law that the certification demonstrates.

The qualifications of Morizio Law Firm, P.C., do not end there. Attorney Lawrence F. Morizio was selected for inclusion in Connecticut Super Lawyers every year from 2010 to 2013. He has secured many substantial settlement awards from the Workers’ Compensation Commission on behalf of injured workers.

Why Hire A Workers’ Compensation Specialist?

At Morizio Law Firm, P.C., our attorneys are two of fewer than 50 board-certified workers’ compensation specialists in Connecticut.

Other lawyers may take workers’ comp cases without attaining board certification as a specialist. Knowing that your attorney is committed to the practice of this specific, highly technical area of law can put your mind at ease and help you rest assured that every facet of your workers’ compensation claim is being taken care of.

The qualifications required to become a board-certified workers’ compensation specialist include devoting a significant amount of an attorney’s practice to workers’ compensation law. At Morizio Law Firm, P.C., we devote virtually our entire practice to this area of law. Workers’ compensation is what we do, and we do it to the best of our ability, using our extensive experience to the benefit of our clients.

Our entire practice is devoted to helping victims of work-related injuries recoup their physical and financial losses, whether through the workers’ compensation claims process, a Social Security Disability claim or a third-party personal injury claim.

What Are The Benefits Of Hiring A Specialist?

If you have a back injury, you should go to a chiropractor. If you have a heart problem, you should seek an evaluation with a cardiologist. Similarly, if you have a work injury, you should seek representation from an attorney who specializes in workers’ compensation law. Complex problems require specialized knowledge and informed solutions.

Board-certified attorneys have been vetted for their skills and ethics by the Connecticut Bar Association. There are many reasons to hire a board-certified specialist in workers’ compensation if you need legal representation following an accident in the workplace.

We Have The Experience And Qualifications To Get The Job Done

Do you know the difference hiring a board-certified workers’ compensation attorney can make? Our results say it all. Get in touch with our firm by calling 475-338-3505 or sending us an email today. We also accept online appointment requests. Do not hesitate to learn what you need to move forward.

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