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The job that’s always on ‘most dangerous’ lists

“When I started, it was ‘Get up on the roof and go.’ Now you take OSHA safety courses and there’s more safety equipment, too.”

– Kevin Coleman, Roofer

Look at any top 10 list of most dangerous jobs in the world and you’ll find roofing on it.

Roofing was on CNN’s list eight years ago, in 2010, when the news outlet reported a fatality rate of nearly 35 roofers out of 100K. And it was on CNN’s list in 2014. By that point, the reported fatality rate for roofers had climbed a bit, to nearly 39 fatalities out of 100K.

Why is roofing so dangerous?

We don’t need to tell you. If you’re a roofer, you already know why the job can be so dangerous. Hot tar is one. Electrocution is another. Falling debris a third. And of course there’s the ever-present risk of falling from heights – the most obvious of all as to why it’s dangerous.

Safety measures

CNN reports that the United Union of Roofers, Waterproofers & Allied Workers “has worked to improve worker safety for years” with safety measures like harnesses and commonsense innovations like placing a line of warning flags near the edge of a roof.

The job of a roofer is tough – both physically and mentally. This means that roofers must bring their “A” game every day they come to work. So must those they work alongside day to day.

Workers’ compensation

The workers’ comp system was designed to help injured roofers and their families get the compensation they need after an on-the-job accident. To discuss your case with us, please call 475-338-3505 today.

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