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Just how prevalent are workplace accidents/injuries?

We suspect at Morizio Law Firm that virtually every one of our readers across Connecticut can weigh in with the correct answer to today’s above-posed blog headline query.

The bottom line: Workers in just about every industry and job type employed in Connecticut and nationally are routinely exposed to on-the-job risks that can turn personally perilous in an instant.

That workplace reality is underscored by notably interesting information released recently by the public service organization National Safety Council. That group prominently states online that, “Employers should take action to spare workers needless pain and suffering.”

For good reason. Reportedly, a worker somewhere in the country suffers a work-linked injury every seven seconds.

Duly appreciating that can require some extrapolation, which the NSC readily supplies. Nearly 13,000 American workers are injured in work-related activities on an “average” day – every single day of the year. That equates to about 4.6 million injuries suffered in a calendar year.

As to the economic ripples flowing from that, the NSC cites data indicating that companies lost more than 100 million production days owing to employee injuries in a recent year.

Such numbers and statistics are memorable, of course.

They are meant to be. Moreover, they are stressed to embellish the key point that American workplaces are not simply intrinsically safe zones. Employers need to take proactive, thoughtful and ongoing steps to render them injury-free environments for their valued workforces.

We will have a bit more to say on the subject in an upcoming blog post.

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