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Can robots improve workplace safety? (Part II)

According to the Robotic Industries Association, over 250,000 industrial robots were installed in the United States in 2017. Workers in Connecticut who work alongside robotic systems should understand the safety implications associated with the technology.

The robots that are used in the workplace do not resemble those typically featured in science fiction programs. In many cases, they have heavy-duty mechanical arms that are used to paint, weld or assemble.

Technological advances have resulted in a wide range of workplace robotic systems. Along with industrial robots, there are also collaborative robots that complete tasks alongside human workers, professionals service robots and automated robots with mobile capabilities. As the robotics systems continue to evolve with their mobility and interactivity, making sure that human workers remain safe may become increasingly difficult.

Work tasks that are considered unfit for human workers are typically allocated to industrial robots. When used in this manner, the automated systems serve as mechanisms of workplace safety for human workers by removing the risks of adverse health effects and injuries associated with dangerous working conditions. The robotic systems are also useful in preventing the many dangers that can occur to humans in emergency response situations, such as during a chemical spill.

Reducing human error is another advantage of keeping robots in the workplace. Human workers have a tendency to make mistakes if work tasks are repetitive or dull. However, robots are able to perform these functions over and over again without compromising efficiency.

A personal injury attorney who handles workers’ compensation cases may advise clients who have been injured on the job. This may include people who have been injured by unsafe workplace robotic systems. Legal counsel could help a client apply for workers’ compensation benefits or appeal denied claims.

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