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Stratford Workers' Compensation Lawyer
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New Haven Workers’ Compensation Lawyer

You got injured at work and you need to recuperate at home. Your medical bills are mounting. You need to get workers’ compensation benefits in a timely manner so you can pay for all these damages. Should you handle the process on your own or should you hire a lawyer?

If you file your own work injury claim, you are taking chances. This is true even if you hire an inexperienced lawyer. A workers’ compensation case is not like other personal injury cases. Therefore, you need a workers’ compensation lawyer—someone who has the necessary knowledge and experience to properly handle a workers’ compensation claim.

At Morizio Law Firm, P.C., we have represented many workers’ compensation claimants. We will aggressively pursue the benefits you are entitled to receive. Contact a New Haven workers’ compensation lawyer to get started with the process.

Your Workers’ Compensation Benefits

As an injured worker in Connecticut, you are entitled to the following:

  • Medical benefits. The employer, through its workers’ compensation insurance carrier, is required to pay all reasonable and necessary medical bills. You may have to use a doctor within a special plan, although you can choose your own doctor in some cases. Some of the benefits you may be entitled to receive are doctor’s visits, diagnostic testing, hospitalization, surgeries, medications, physical therapy, psychological counseling, nerve blocks, and chiropractic care.
  • Lost wages. Workers’ compensation will pay you lost wage benefits on a weekly basis If your injury prevents you from working. You will generally receive 70% of your after-tax weekly income. The amount and duration of your benefits are based on the severity of your injury and whether you are disabled.
  • Permanent impairment. You may receive compensation for any physical limitation or amputation due to a work-related injury. This is considered a permanent partial disability and you will receive a rating by a doctor once you have reached maximum medical improvement.
  • Long-term disability. In cases of severe impairment, you may be entitled to additional benefits, including vocational retraining. However, getting these benefits can be difficult. If you have a permanent injury, it’s a good idea to have a lawyer review your case and ensure you get the benefits you deserve. 

Contact Morizio Law Firm, P.C. Today

Insurance carriers make their money by denying claims. You need to turn that “no” into a “yes.” That is where Morizio Law Firm, P.C. comes in. You need someone to aggressively pursue your claim and ensure you receive proper compensation, especially If your injury results in significant medical bills and lost time from work.

We will help you navigate through the complicated workers’ compensation process. We will deal with the carrier, your employer, and even your doctors, if necessary. Our board-certified lawyer will be there for you every step of the way. Schedule a consultation with a New Haven workers’ compensation lawyer today by calling 475-338-3505.

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