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New Haven Workplace Accident Lawyer

Getting injured at work is bad enough. Don’t make matters worse by failing to do what is required of you. After a workplace accident, you need to ensure you report the situation to your employer, start the claims process, and seek medical help.

Keep in mind that even if you feel OK, you should not delay seeing the doctor. You could have internal injuries or other injuries that may not show up right away. Seeing a doctor as soon as possible protects your legal rights. Broken bones, herniated discs, brain injuries, spinal cord injuries, and torn ligaments are all serious injuries that need to be treated right away, so don’t delay.

You need to ensure you get the benefits you need to pay for all your medical care. Seek legal help from a New Haven workplace accident lawyer from Morizio Law Firm, P.C. We’ll get you on the path to recovery.

What to Do After a Workplace Accident

After a workplace accident, you need to do things that will protect you and your claim. Do the following:

  • Focus on your injury. Dealing with the aftermath of an accident should be your main priority. You should use your workplace’s first aid kit to treat your injury as much as possible. You should then go to the hospital to be fully checked out. Even if you feel fine, you could be seriously injured. Don’t delay medical care. Your life may depend on it.
  • Report the accident. Before you leave the office, be sure to report the accident to your manager. Let them know the details of what happened. If there were any witnesses, have them tell their side of the story as well. You may need to fill out paperwork as well.
  • Get evidence. It’s always a good idea to get evidence in case your employer or their insurance company disputes your claim. Get photos of the accident scene. Take pictures of your injuries. Jot down information about what happened before the accident took place.
  • Keep a diary. As you recover, it’s a good idea to take notes on your symptoms and medical treatment. Make daily entries about how you are feeling and how much progress you are making toward recovery.
  • Follow a treatment plan. You will likely need to see a doctor multiple times as you recover. You may need to make weekly appointments at first. Your doctor may recommend surgery or physical therapy. You need to follow your doctor’s plan for your recovery. Don’t skip appointments if you are feeling better. Keep taking medication and continue going to physical therapy.

Contact Morizio Law Firm, P.C. Today

It’s important that you know what to do after a workplace accident. By following the proper steps, you can ensure you get your claim approved as well as all the compensation you need.

The board-certified lawyer at Morizio Law Firm, P.C. has the experience and know-how to handle your claim with the care it deserves. To schedule a free consultation with a New Haven workplace accident lawyer, call our office at 475-338-3505.

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